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Love this game!!!

Love it

Love this app. Doesnt always connect, could be my connection. Great app though and you can still play even if you arent connected.

Frustrating Logon

Great game, nice presentation, but every third time you try to log on, it hangs up. Only solution Ive found is to reset my iPad, brutal. Worse, sometimes it looks like you are signed in, when youre not and you can wait for hours for the game to start. Youd think this would be an easy fix, Id even settle for an in game reset rather than having to initiate the lengthy process to reset my iPad. My friends iPad encounters the same problem, unacceptable.

Love it, use it all the time.

Besides a few minor flaws this is a good app. I like it and use it often!

Multiplayer wont work

The only reason I bought this was for the multiplayer aspect. I cant get the "nearby" or "online" multiplayer function to work. I just wasted so much time trying to get this to work!


Enjoy this Ap ... probably the best out there BUT has too many Oops error moments and periodic total crashes, when I have had to eventually give it up & REPURCHASE!!!!

Online Disaster!

Does not work for online play.

My favourite game

I did have a crash where all my history was lost (had to delete & reinstall). However, it is the game I play the most.


Crashes a lot. Fun game but wait forever to start an online game.



Very good, but...

Update please!!!

Online Problems

When the game works, its fine but I repeatedly have troubling playing it online. It says a game is starting, but never connects.

Game ok ...

If you can get a table online. Otherwise forget it!

Good start

Computer players are a bit erratic, but still occasionally challenging. Good options. Why not fix the crash situation when a hand is misdealt?

Hearts on Line

It has disappeared from my phone and I cannot get it back! Second time has happened! Very disappointing!

Do not upgrade to ad free!

Mine was working just fine until I upgraded to ad free. Now the Game Center is gone and all my online players have disappeared. I cannot play online with my friends anymore! Please fix! It wants me to rate again. Nothing has changed since last one. Cannot find my friends to play online since I upgraded to ad free. Fix!

Fun game; app needs some help

I love this game. I play it against the computer and it is very challenging! I also play against a friend. This is where the trouble comes in. It drops the online game occasionally. Biggest problem is when I purchased the "no ad" version. My friend disappeared and on my iPad, it hasnt been dispuesto for several weeks! I wrote to the owning company and did receive a response, but no fix yet. On my phone, I can only play online IF my friend invites me. I cannot invite him at all. Would love to give this app a higher rating if these things could be fixed. Do not purchase the "no ad" version - it will corrupt the app.

Love it

Its a very good game. I just play versus the computer (not online). Difficulty is good.

Game center achievements dont work

Ive shot the moon 17 times and it still gives me no achievements. The game itself works fine, but itd be nice if this option worked


I probably play this game too often, hard not to do. I win about half the. Games, challenging.

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